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TV is a way of expressing the culture of the people. Filipino people are really proud of their culture and they really enjoy watching their pinoy channels, full of pride.Pinoy lambingan provide an opportunity to all the Filipinos to watch their favorite TV shows line Ang Probinsyano. It not only provides entertainment, but also it provides education and cultural awareness. We provide you will all of your favorite pinoy TV shows that you love just one click away. Our dream is for every Filipino to experience Philippine TV anywhere and anywhere in every corner of the globe. We fully understand how people are addicted to TV shows today. And who can blame them, because TV is certainly the greatest form of entertainment for friends and family. You will find fun Pinoy Channel TV shows, game shows, pinoy drama, news, etc. on our blog. Please bear in mind that we are not the official owners of any video shared on our site. All videos you see on our platform are also available on other video streaming sites, such as YouTube. However, one of the reasons why Filipinos enjoy our platform is that we have high-quality videos of TV 5 and GMA. The standard of our videos will certainly meet the needs of any Filipino viewer. So if you want to enjoy the best Pinoy teleserye tambayan, visit our website and ask your friends to enjoy the same facilities.

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Back in the days when people didn’t have internet, they had to be in front of the TV at the very time the show was airing. The problem is the it is not possible for everyone to be in front of the TV to watch their show. The result of this is that a lot of people used to miss their TV shows. The only solution used to be recorded VHS tapes. But they used to cost a lot. So the hard working Filipinos had to miss their favorite episodes this way. But we are going to change this. With the power of internet, you can watch the TV show any time you want. We have the replays of all of your favorite Pinoy teleserye that you can watch any time you want. Thanks to the Internet, the goal of Pinoy Tambayan will certainly be accomplished and will continue to make the Filipinos happy. Pinoy Tambayan is specifically built to bring peace and fun to Filipino households.

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One of the most favorite pinoy channels that Filipinos have are TV 5 and GMA. This website presents a variety of enjoyable and exclusive TV shows that make every pinoy hooked to watching TV shows and happy to be part of the Filipino culture as well. Pinoy TV is a pure bliss in the lives of most Filipinos. Owing to packed schedules and day-to-day duties, some Filipinos do not have enough spare time to settle down and watch their beloved TV shows. Luckily, the modern digital age has provided us with new ways to change the digital world. We are more passionate and devoted than ever to going beyond our boundaries and meeting the increasing needs of the Filipinos. Pinoy TV offers Pinoys the chance to enjoy watching their favourite Pinoy Lambingan shows. So, if you've skipped a few episodes from your favourite show, don't worry, since you can find all the episodes on our web. Using the latest technologies and the Internet, different TV shows from TV5 and GMA 7 could be played wherever and anywhere. Pinoy TV is also open to those who are not in the Philippines. They will also have the chance to watch fascinating and enjoyable Pinoy Channel. As a matter of course, this is the point of Pinoy TV. We truly understand the feeling of being separated from family and friends, and the feeling when you miss your beloved Pinoy TV shows.

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Now you can conveniently view any display with only one key, based on your choice. We deliver all Pinoy Teleserye to the Filipinos, both locally and abroad. On our website, in addition to popular teleserye, you can get updates on the latest news in the Philippines, watch sports, and so on. We can also give you the newest pinoy showbiz balita of your most wPinoy Teleseryeanted Filipino stars. Much of the people who belong to the Philippines live in various countries and areas of the world and work day and night to make a living for themselves. They want something to comfort as they come home from a tiring day, and the only thing that will hold them the same at this moment is something from their own homeland. This channel brings you the best kind of Filipino programmes, and the pinoy channel serves as our source.